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Whether you are facing criminal charges, a divorce, family law case, or a speeding ticket, you need an experienced Racine lawyer on your side with a track record of success.

Racine Criminal Defense Lawyer

Racine criminal defense lawyer Christopher Glinski has over ten years of experiencing defending against criminal charges, including:

Racine criminal defense lawyer Christopher Glinski’s successes include:

  • Reduction of Felony Charges to Misdemeanor Charge Prior to Trial (numerous cases)
  • Felony Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed Prior to Trial (State v. D.B.)
  • Not Guilty Verdict on Charge of Recklessly Endangering Safety (State v. M.N)
  • Not Guilty Verdict on Charge of Burglary (State v. M.A.)
  • Reduction of Criminal Charges to Non-Criminal Tickets (numerous cases)

If you are facing criminal charges, you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.  Racine criminal defense lawyer Christopher Glinski began his career prosecuting cases for the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.  There he gained valuable insight into how prosecutors think about their cases.  He now uses that knowledge along with over ten years of experience defending against criminal charges to get the best results for his clients.  He is respected by judges and prosecutors and is consistently rated as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin.  Call (262) 632-1555 for a free consultation

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Racine Divorce & Family Lawyer

Racine divorce and family lawyer Christopher Glinski understands how difficult the process of going through a divorce or child custody case can be.  Attorney Glinski will explain each and every step in the process to you and explain the pros and cons of your options.  He has years of experienced in both Racine and Kenosha Counties and is consistently rated one of the top divorce lawyers in Wisconsin.  Call (262) 632-1555 for a free consultation regarding:


An Interview with Attorney Christopher Glinski

Racine criminal defense lawyer Christopher Glinski describes his legal experience- as both a  prosecutor and defense attorney- and his personal approach towards his clients in this interview. Learn about his trial experience and what makes him proud to be an attorney defending client rights.

Click here to read the transcript: Interview with Defense Attorney Christopher Glinski

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We keep overhead costs low, so we are able to offer both affordable prices and payment plans. We also accept credit cards for the convenience of our clients.




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