Kenosha Child Custody Lawyer

Kenosha Child Custody Lawyer

You Need a Lawyer on Your Side

Kenosha child custody lawyer Christopher Glinski is an aggressive and experienced child custody lawyer in Kenosha. Often, child custody issues are extremely emotional and they need to be handled aggressively but with a leveled approached. Kenosha child custody lawyer Christopher Glinski has years of experience handling child custody cases and will provide you with professional support throughout the process. Attorney Glinski knows that you have many questions and he will answer all of your questions and fight to protect your parental rights and get you the best result.

(See a transcript of Kenosha Child Custody Lawyer Christopher Glinski’s answers to common child custody questions.)


Whether you are a father seeking to establish paternity of your child and gain custody or a mother seeking primary placement of your child and child support, let Attorney Glinski use his years of experience to get you the best result.

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