DUI Lawyer in Racine

DUI Lawyer in Racine, Wisconsin

Charged with a DUI (drunk driving)?  Driving under the Influence (DUI), also called Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), charges are very serious.    But Racine DUI lawyer Christopher Glinski has years of experience defending against DUI charges in Racine, Wisconsin.

Did you know?

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  • The government can charge you with DUI in Wisconsin even if your blood alcohol content was less than .08?
  • If the arresting officer refuses your request for an alternative chemical test that your case may be dismissed?
  • If the police did not have reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle that your case must be dismissed?
  • For a first offense DUI that you must file a jury demand within 10 days.  If you don’t, you will lose your right to a jury trial.

DUI Lawyer: Effect of DUI Convictions

Convictions for DUI in Wisconsin are serious.  Conviction for a first offense DUI does not result in a criminal conviction.  However, it does result in possibly thousands of dollars in fines and the loss of your driving privilates.  It also carries the prospect of mandatory jail time if you are ever convicted of DUI in the future. Conviction for a second offense DUI is a criminal conviction and carries a minimum of 5 days in jail and a lengthy drivers license suspension. In addition, a conviction for DUI will cause your car insurance rates to skyrocket.  And it may cost you your job if your job requires you to drive a company vehicle.

DUI Lawyer: Aggressive DUI Defense

Facing DUI charges?  You need a lawyer who is going to aggressively defend your case to get you the best possible result.  DUI lawyer Christopher Glinski is an experienced Racine DUI lawyer.  And he has successfully defended against DUI (drunk driving) charges in the past.

Attorney Christopher Glinski knows how to aggressively fight your case by challenging the reason the police stopped you.  He will also challenge the field sobriety tests.  Also, he will challenge the results of the breath or blood test.  So if you are charged with DUI, hire an experienced DUI lawyer to get you the best possible result.

For more info, check out our blog post “Do I Need an OWI Lawyer in Wisconsin?”.  Or call the best DUI defense lawyer in Racine, Christopher Glinski, at (262) 632-1555 for a consultation.

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