Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can take many forms under Wisconsin law. Sexual assault charges are very serious because just the allegation of sexual assault can irreparably damage your reputation and result in a lengthy prison sentence and a requirement to register as a sex offender for the rest of you life. Unfortunately, these results often occur when inexperienced attorneys handle sexual assault cases.

To avoid these results and get the best possible outcome for your case you should hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer like Christopher Glinski. The possible penalties for sexual assault demonstrate how critically important it is to hire an attorney who knows how to aggressively and successfully defend against sexual assault allegations. Those penalties are listed below:

  • 1st Degree Sexual Assault (SA) – 60 years imprisonment
  • 2nd Degree SA – 40 years imprisonment
  • 3rd Degree SA  – 10 years imprisonment
  • 4th Degree SA  – 9 months jail.
  • 1st Degree SA of a Child  – 60 years imprisonment
  • 2nd Degree SA of a Child  – 40 years imprisonment


In addition to these penalties, persons convicted of these offenses are required to register as sex offenders for a period of time. Sometimes even for the rest of their lives. As such, these people cannot live in certain places or have unsupervised contact with children.

Although these cases are often difficult to defend, it is not impossible or even unusual to receive an acquittal at trial, a dismissal prior to trial, or a favorable plea bargain that does not require the defendant to spend time in prison or register as a sex offender.

You Need a Good Attorney

Sexual assault lawyer Christopher Glinski has defended many sexual assault cases and knows how to get you the best possible result for your case. The successful prosecution of sexual assault cases almost always hinges on the credibility of the alleged victim. Therefore, if your attorney can convince the prosecutor or the jury that the alleged victim is not credible the case will often be dismissed or the jury will return a verdict of not guilty. However, proving the alleged victim is not credible can be difficult and requires a thorough investigation. Lawyer Christopher Glinski has experience investigating sexual assault allegations and has in the past uncovered information that persuaded prosecutors to drop charges against his clients or convinced juries to return verdicts of not guilty.

Call sexual assault lawyer Christopher Glinski at (262) 632-1555 for a free consulation.

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