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Racine family law attorney Christopher Glinski handles all aspects of family law, including child custody, child placement, and divorce.  He has over a decade of experience.

  • Did you know that Wisconsin family law does not require equal placement time for both parents?  We can help you get more time with your children.  
  • We can change your current placement schedule.  
  • And we can change your child support.

Child Custody Lawyer in Racine & Kenosha

Experience matters in Wisconsin child custody cases.   We use ours to help you.  An experienced child custody lawyer will get you more time with your kids.  Courts look at many factors to determine placement. These include the age of the child.  And where each parent lives.  However, the most important is the best interest of the child.  No one factor dictates the outcome.  As an experienced child custody lawyer, we know the best arguments for you.  Don’t make the mistake of going to court alone. 

Family Law Attorney Tip: What Is the Difference between Child Custody and Placement?

Child custody is the power to make decisions for your child.  On such things as healthcare, marriage, and school.  Joint custody means both parents have equal powers to make these decisions.  Placement is where the child lives.  Equal placement means the child spends equal time with both parents.  

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Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer in Racine & Kenosha

Experience matters in a Wisconsin divorce.  During a divorce the court will divide property and debts.  The court will also decide child custody and placement.  An experienced divorce lawyer can save you time and money.  When a court divides property and debts, the court’s decision is final.  This means it is very hard to change after it happens.  The court’s decision on child custody and placement is hard to change for two years after the divorce.  Thus, you need to make sure the court gets it right the first time.   

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