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Got a Speeding Ticket in Wisconsin? We Can Help.

Don’t make the mistake of just paying your speeding ticket in Wisconsin.  How can we help?

  •  We can get your points reduced, even if you were speeding or committed another traffic offense. This will often prevent your car insurance rates from going up.  Thus saving you money!
  •  Reducing points keeps your driving record clean.
  •  No Risk.  If we don’t get your points reduced, we refund your money. This is our money-back guarantee.
  •  We go to traffic court for you.  You won’t have to go.  Therefore, you won’t have to take time off of work. Thus saving you time.
  •  Proven Results. Over 100 5-Star Reviews!
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Wisconsin Traffic Violations We Handle:

  • Speeding
  • Operating after Revocation
  • Operating without a Valid License
  • Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign
  • Inattentive Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Other Traffic Violations

Speeding Ticket Attorney

Attorney Christopher Glinski is an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Racine, Wisconsin.  He has helped hundreds of drivers with their speeding tickets and other traffic tickets throughout Wisconsin.  He can help you with a speeding ticket in Racine.  Or a speeding ticket in Kenosha.  He can help you with a speeding ticket in Milwaukee.  Also, he can help you with a speeding ticket in Milwaukee.  Or anywhere else in Wisconsin.  

Speeding tickets and other traffic tickets  can result in stiff penalties.  You could lose lose your driver’s license.  Or increase your insurance rates.  Also, you could lose your Commercial Drivers License (CDL License).  

What Is Wisconsin’s Points System for Traffic Offenses?

    Wisconsin uses a point system for traffic tickets.  Each ticket carries a number of points. If you accumulate twelve points in one year your driver’s license will be suspended. The points for various tickets are below.

    Point Deductions per Offense

    • Speeding Ticket for 0-10 MPH over the speed limit: 3 points.
    • Traffic Ticket for 11-15 MPH over the speed limit: 4 points.
    • Speeding Ticket for 16-19 MPH over the speed limit: 4 points.
    • Traffic Ticket for 20-24 MPH over the speed limit: 6 points.

    Speeding ticket lawyer Christopher Glinski has years of experience.  As an experienced speeding ticket lawyer he can often negate the negative effects of a traffic ticket.    

    For more information, the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles has a very informative webpage that answers many frequently asked questions about speeding and other traffic tickets and the effect those tickets have on a Wisconsin drivers license.  That webpage can be found here: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/points/pointfaq.htm

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