Racine Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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Got a speeding ticket in Racine, Wisconsin?  You don’t have to go to court – we can go to court for you.  Attorney Christopher Glinski is an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Racine, Wisconsin who has helped hundreds of drivers with their speeding tickets.  

Speeding tickets can result in losing your driver’s license and can cause your car insurance rates to skyrocket.  In Wisconsin, many insurance companies will raise your car insurance rates significantly due to just one speeding ticket.  Also, Wisconsin uses a point system for traffic tickets.  Each ticket carries a number of points, and if you accumulate twelve points in one year your driver’s license will be suspended.  The points for various tickets are as follows:

Point Deductions per Offense

  • 0-10 MPH over the speed limit (3 points)
  • 11-15 MPH over the speed limit (4 points)
  • 16-19 MPH over the speed limit (4 points)
  • 20-24 MPH over the speed limit (6 points)


Speeding ticket lawyer Christopher Glinski has years of experience fighting tickets in Racine, Wisconsin and can often minimize, if not eliminate, the negative effects of a speeding ticket.    

For more information, the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles has a very informative webpage that answers many frequently asked questions about speeding and other traffic tickets and the effect those tickets have on a Wisconsin drivers license.  That webpage can be found here: http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/points/pointfaq.htm


Racine speeding defense lawyer Christopher Glinski can be reached at (262) 632-1555 for a free consultation.

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