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Racine divorce lawyer Christopher Glinski is recognized as one of the top divorce lawyers in Racine, Wisconsin.

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult things you will ever go through. Attorney Glinski is an experienced family lawyer who prides himself on getting his clients through difficult times.

How do I start a divorce in Wisconsin?

The divorce procedure begins with the filing of a summons along with the divorce petition. An experienced divorce lawyer should be consulted before filing these documents. The summons and divorce petition must then be served upon the spouse. The most common way to serve the spouse is to hire a process server to personally hand a copy of the documents to the other spouse.

It is important to note that if minor children are involved, Wisconsin law requires that the summons include certain notices regarding child custody issues, child support issues, and services offered by the family court commissioner’s office. If these notices are not included the summons and divorce petitioner may be rejected. So it is important to contact an experienced divorce lawyer before filing the summons and divorce petition.

What if the divorce is not contested?

In a non-contested divorce, the parties can file what’s called a Joint Petition for Divorce. The main benefit of filing a joint petition for divorce is that it does not need to be served on the other party. The actual joint petition that must be filed depends on whether minor children are involved.

What happens after the summons and petition are filed?

The other party will have an opportunity to respond to the petition. Once that occurs the court will hold a “temporary hearing” at which the court will issue a temporary order that will be in effect while the divorce is pending. The order will address issues such as:

An experienced divorce lawyer can greatly increase the chances that the court will issue a temporary order that is favorable to you. An experienced divorce lawyer will know which arguments the court commissioner and judges find persuasive in different situations and will make those arguments on your behalf.

What if my spouse and I agree on everything regarding the divorce?

This will make things easier and much cheaper because you and your spouse can file a divorce agreement that the court will likely approve. However, the agreement must contain certain provisions that are required by Wisconsin law or the agreement will not be approved by the court.


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