Racine Traffic Violation Lawyer

Surprising Penalties for Traffic Violations in Wisconsin

Racine traffic violation lawyer Christopher Glinski describes 3 surprising penalties for traffic violations in Wisconsin. Attorney Glinski can help you reduce points. And avoid a license suspension. And stop your insurance from increasing. Most importantly, you won’t have to go to court.

  • Suspend your license to drive for 15 days.
    • Some speeding tickets in Wisconsin require a 15-day suspension of your license to drive.
    • For example, driving 25 or more miles over the speed limit
    • Most importantly, during the 15-day suspension you will not be able to drive to and from work. Also, you will also not be able to drive to the gas station or the grocery store. In addition, you will not be able to drive to and from school.
      • In other words, you cannot drive for any reason.

  • Suspend your license to drive for one year.
    • This occurs if you get 12 or more points in one year.
      • Because Wisconsin has a points system for traffic tickets.
      • Traffic tickets that result in points against your license are called “moving violations.”
      • Some of the most common moving violations are:
        • Speeding:
          • 1-10 MPH over the limit: 3 points
          • 11-19 MPH over the limit: 4 points
          • 20+ over the limit: 6 points
          • Reckless Driving is 6 points
    • However, you can get an occupational license immediately.
      • An occupational license allows you to drive to work and to run errands that are necessary for your daily life.
      • More info about occupational licenses is available here.

  • Drivers license suspension for up to one year
    • Section 343.30(1) allows a court to suspend your operating privilege for violating any state traffic law.
    • So Wisconsin courts have authority to suspend your license for up to one year.

Do I Need to Hire a Racine Traffic Violation Lawyer?

A Racine traffic violation lawyer can:

  • Reduce the number of points for your traffic ticket;
  • And avoid a suspension of your license to drive;
  • In addition, save your insurance rates from going up;
  • And go to court for you. You will not have to go to court.
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