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A police officer called me and asked me to come down to the police station for an interview. Should I go? Do I need an attorney?

You should definitely consult with an attorney immediately. The police will often act like you are not in any trouble in order to get you to come down to the police station without an attorney for an interview. Keep in mind that the police do not have your best interest in mind. The police only care about gathering enough evidence to obtain a conviction.

So, if the police are contacting you, it’s a safe bet that the police believe you were involved in criminal activity and the police want to get a confession out of you or some statements that they can later use against you in court. A common saying is “if you don’t talk, you walk.” Conversely, “if you talk, you don’t walk.” There is some truth in these sayings because, in general, when a defendant gives a statement to the police, that statement will later be used against the defendant at trial. The police are experts at twisting words around and confusing people.

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, you can be convicted of a crime even if you didn’t intend to commit it. So even if you think you did nothing wrong, you should still consult with an attorney prior to speaking to the police.


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